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Separation and divorce are difficult when a relationship breaks down. Stress and emotions are off the charts, creating difficulty in focusing and going forward without proper legal advice. Acknowledging this, we strive to reach quick and efficient results in the most cost effective way for our clients.

Let us assist you in identifying the issues that need to be resolved and successfully advocate on your behalf.

Whether in court or negotiating outside of court, your interests are our priorities.


It is important to note that separation agreements and court orders may assist in resolving family matters when two people separate, however they do not legally end your marriage. The only way to end your marriage is to get a divorce.

Every separation and divorce is different.  For some, division of property is important, for others it is child custody. 

If you have disputes related to property, support, child custody and access, or any other issue related to your separation and divorce, we will advocate on your behalf using our experience in a wide range of dispute resolution methods.


When it comes to your children, experience and reputation are crucial in getting you the results that you expect and deserve. We know what works and what doesn’t. 

Disputes over the period of time after separation, caring for your children are one of the most contentious issues in family law and with good reason. Every parent wants to maintain a positive relationship with his or her child. The threat of hurting that relationship is what fuels protracted family custody battles.  Depend on a lawyer that generates fair and creative solutions that work for you.   

Farahmand Law Group uses a range of successful proven results to battle custody and access disputes. Our combined experience has taught us that some clients may need full service litigation, while others are able to negotiate and settle the matter amicably without the need for costly trials and time-consuming court hearings. 


At Farahmand Law Group, our number one goal is to understand and assess the best possible financial outcome for our clients. We obtain and generate spousal support solutions that work by using different strategies and unique ways of handling spousal support commitments.

The number one concern with clients in respect to spousal support is the overall financial impact. Support recipients either worry that support will either run out or will be insufficient to continue living the way that they are accustomed to. Support payers worry about whether their former spouses will become self sufficient, and about the impact of paying spousal support in addition to child support. Other common issue are ensuring payments are received in time and in full. When dealing with these complex issues, you need a skilled negotiator who will fight to protect your financial future. 


Farahmand Law Group provides creative and unconventional solutions for your property disputes.

We understand that the primary concern when dealing with divorce and separation is protecting your assets and to separate from your spouse in the best possible financial position.

The division of marital property can be complex, especially when dealing with joint accounts, RRSP's, pensions, businesses and matrimonial homes, or property located in another jurisdiction. Our expertise can assist you in these commonly contested areas.

With respect to divorces that involve assets and property in other jurisdictions, one of the biggest concerns that many of our clients have is when one spouse has most or all of their property or assets in another country and they require proper and accurate evaluation of the property in question. By working directly with our trusted evaluators all across the Middle East, we provide our clients with accurate and trusted evaluations.

Other common concerns are whether premarital contracts will stand. Others worry about whether they can claim interest in property that is solely in the others name. We can help you determine the answer to these questions and any other questions that you may have. 

Our goal at Farahmand Law Group is to make you as well informed as possible, because we believe that a well-informed client is always in a better position to negotiate.


Not every case needs to go to trial and we recognize that each clients situation is different. 
We assist and work with those differences by using experienced and proven forms of dispute resolution. We are committed in helping parties reach an acceptable settlement as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Most people are under the impression that most disputes are resolved in the court, which makes for great movies. But the reality of the matter is that the mass majority of matters are resolved outside of court and that is a good thing, because the cost of going to court adds up.  Most often, matters are resolved with negotiations paired with brief court appearances.  Our services also include in providing you with counsel during negotiations, or simply acting as a mediator between negotiations that take place between you and your spouse. These dispute resolutions create a cost effective resolution.

At Farahmand Law Group, we believe in a civilized approach when dealing with matrimonial matters.  We want to help you come to a quick resolution, using whichever approach works best in your situation.


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